Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery-My Honest Opinion

Like I said at the beginning ,welcome to the site which offers everything you need to achieve or improve your Pencil Drawing Techniques.

Trough this unique opportunity you will no longer feel that you cannot accomplish human portrait in its full potential.

How many times have you been in situation that you have drawn a
human portrait, but that the critical details of human face such as nose or mouth weren’t just right?! Annoying isn’t it?

Well now, even if you don’t know how to draw, this site with its Realistic Drawing Tips and with the product that I promote entitled: Christopher Sia’s “Realistic Pencil Portraits mastery” home book course is allowing you step by step, to draw somebody like a real pro!

I will be giving you an unrestricted unbiased and honest review of Christopher Sia’s “Realistic Pencil Portraits mastery” home book course and details about the course and bonuses.

Although I consider myself also an artist and use different types of drawing techniques, in my opinion there is always room for development and improvement. And in that development, great help were this realistic pencil drawing tips.

Now you don’t have to pay expensive courses that cost 500 or even 1000 dollars, you don’t have to leave the house in order to draw a really good drawing. It is enough that you feel like an artist (like I do 😉 ) and trough this site you have the opportunity to become one…

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Trough this site you will realize that drawing like a pro is easier than you ever imagine!

This product has changed my view completely on drawing details and I decided to share that with you trough Realistic Pencil Drawing Tips.

It is meant for everybody so don’t hesitate to visit my site and buy this product. It will be a life changing experience for you if you consider yourself an artist.

Good luck!

So what exactly is Christopher Sia’s “Realistic Pencil Portraits
mastery” home video and book course?

It is a course which explains how to draw like a master step by step,Divided in 5 lessons of realistic facial features drawing (ears, mouth,nose, hair and eyes) it includes over 200 pages and 600 illustrations.

  • It also contains 3 bonuses entitled
  • 5 Lesson Process Maps
  • 100 High Resolution Reference Pictures
  • 12-Weeks Pencil Portrait Mastery Exercises
  • With all of this you will get the results in a very short period of time, in 2 to 3 months.

GOOD and BAD things about Christopher Sia’s Home Book Course.

What are the BAD things about Christopher Sia’s “Realistic Pencil
Portraits mastery” home book course?

  • Well for starters the price changes and you don’t have much
    time to think about this, because the longer you hesitate, the
    bigger the price, but you don’t need to worry about that because
    Christopher offers 100% Risk Free Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee.
  • The second bad thing is that you will maybe feel that the the
    charters and diagrams are kind of clinical and not so artistic, but
    that is only so it would be easier for you in the beginning, so you can get the pictures and techniques clearly.

And how about the GOOD things about Realistic Pencil Portraits Mastery?

Besides the money back guarantee you will get all three bonuses for free! And they are worth almost 200 dollars so it is a pretty cheap bargain, you will agree.

It is meant for everybody and it teaches you step by step how to become a master artist. And that’s not all, when you are done with theory, it offers you practice with one of the bonuses which contains 12 weeks exercises, so after that you can practice after that on your own.

In the end, it may all seem to you to good to be true….but In my opinion bad sides of this course will manifest only if you let them. Christopher and I can not teach you the discipline that you need for mastering home course but we can give you guidance for better pencil drawing. Nobody will grade you, but yourself. But after you learn how to draw with this drawing tips and this handbook, it won’t be long before you will be buried with requests people near you to draw them a portrait because they are impressed with your drawing skills. I know I am 😀


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