Selecting a Child Convertible Car Seat

Child Convertible Car Seat

Instead of purchasing a few different child safety seats, many people are electing to use a child convertible car seat instead. The Graco My ride 65 is a good example of one such seat. These types of safety car seats can be used as an infant seat, and a five-point harnessed front facing seat. There are also some seats that can be used for the front facing five-point harness, and as a belt-positioning booster. Either way, you go, you want to make sure you are picking the best convertible car seat for you. What works for one family might not be what works for you.

The main purpose for a child car seat is to keep the child safe during an accident. Many people wonder what the safest car seat is. Well, to put it simply, the safest car seat is the one that is properly installed. As many as 90% of car seats are not installed correctly. If you need assistance getting the seat properly installed, contact the fire or police departments in your area. Car seats are not issued a safety rating; it is a pass-fail kind of deal. Some manufacturers choose to exceed the minimum guidelines.

If your child will be in the seat a lot, you might be concerned about their comfort. Some seats have little padding over the hard plastic car seat shell, while others provide nice plush covers and extra padding. The design of the seat also helps with comfort. Children, infants especially fall asleep on car rides, if their head flops too much to the side, they will be very uncomfortable.

Convenience and ease of use features have lately been incorporated into some models of convertible car seats. Things like no rethreading five-point harnesses make it very simple to adjust the harness as your child grows. Cup holders for their favorite drink cup are sure to please the kiddo as well. The cover does need cleaning for whatever reason, so one thing to keep in mind is how hard it is going to be to remove the cover of the car seat to wash it.

One thing many people forget about is to check the fit in the car. Convertible car seats are not a standard size, and you might be limited on what seat to buy by the size of your car. If you have multiple car seats, things can get even a little more tricky as trying to figure out which car seats will puzzle together nicely in the back seat.

I hope these few tips can help when you are searching for the best convertible car seat to transport your new baby or child in. There are many different styles and colors of seats to choose from, and it can be overwhelming. Stick to the basic tips, and find the car seat that will work the best for you.


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