Seven Tips For Improving As A Cartoonist



One of the most common professions that aspiring artists find themselves wanting to learn more about and become involved with is cartooning. As with most artistic activities, this is also something that takes quite a bit of practice in order to become sufficiently skilled at it. However, if you do your best to keep at it and follow any and all advice that you receive, your cartooning skills will improve in virtually no time.



There are many different tips that you can utilize to help improve your overall cartooning skills; however, you will definitely want to make note of the following six tips.

*Draw as much as possible. Most drawing and cartooning experts recommend that you fill up at least one sketchbook per month. Long story short, the longer you practice at doing something that you want to become good at, the more chance you stand of becoming an expert at it and improving your skills. By following the idea of filling up one sketchbook every month, you will be able to see just how much your drawing and cartooning skills have progressed.

*As you draw, take your time and go as slow as you need to. Cartooning doesn’t require you to draw things at such a quick pace. Think of your pen, pencil, marker, etc. as a musical instrument and take things as slowly as possible, which will reduce the chances of you making a great deal of mistakes.

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*Take the time to speak to any cartooning experts, art teachers, etc. that you either know personally or want to meet. Consider showing them examples of your work and ask them if they have any advice for how you can improve your skills. This is where it may be best to take some detailed notes that you can refer to later on down the road.

*Study, study, study! Invest in some books and/or DVDs focusing on cartooning and all of the various techniques that are involved with the profession. In addition, you can also browse the internet for some of the same information, which can be found in different videos on websites such as YouTube.

*Before you begin any kind of cartooning work, always make sure that you are in the right kind of mindset. This means, essentially, that you should be able to fully concentrate on the work that you will be doing. If you aren’t able to devote your full attention to the task at hand, then you should put off the project until this becomes possible.

*Devote a certain number of hours per week to doing nothing but cartooning. By concentrating solely on this, you are sure to improve your skills. Generally, experts recommend no more than 40 hours per week, which is the standard amount of time recommended for any beginning art students.


By following the aforementioned tips, you will most definitely be able to improve your overall cartooning skills in the long run. The more you improve your skills, the better your chances of producing works of art that will be enjoyed by many people for years to come.


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