Big Cheese’s Classic Cartoon Intros: “Frankenstein Jr. and The Impossibles” (1966)

Frankenstein Jr. and the Impossibles contained two segments, which each served as a middle ground between Hanna-Barbera’s traditional cartoon early output and its superhero-based late-1960s cartoons.Each episode would feature two segments with The Impossibles,with Frankenstein JR sandwiched inbetween.

Frankenstein Jr.: Taking place in Civic City, boy scientist Buzz Conroy (voiced by Dick Beals) and his father Professor Conroy (voiced by John Stephenson) fight supervillains with the aid of a powerful heroic robot named “Frankenstein Jr.” (voiced by Ted Cassidy). “Frankie”, as Buzz usually referred to him, was more than a little reminiscent of the title character in Gigantor. Buzz built “Frankie” and activated him through an energy ring.

The Impossibles: The title characters are a trio of superheroes (Multi Man, Fluid Man, and Coil Man) who pose undercover as a Beatlesesque rock music band. The characters’ names are descriptive of their powers: Multi-Man (voiced by Don Messick) can create identical copies of himself; Coil-Man (voiced by Hal Smith) can form into a super-springy coil; and Fluid-Man (voiced by Paul Frees) can transform his body into any fluid. The heroes receive assignments from “Big D” (also voiced by Frees), who contacts them via a receiver in the base of Coil-Man’s left-handed guitar. During the development of the show, this group was called “The Incredibles,” but was changed to “The Impossibles” by the time of production. The team’s pre-production name was later given to the superhero family from the Disney/Pixar movie of the same name.

Question of the Day: “What popular 60’s rock group were The Impossibles based on?”

A. The Rolling Stones
B. Herman’s Hermits
C. The Beatles
D. Paul Revere and the Raiders
E. None of the Above

Remember – “Classic cartoons are the COOLEST!” 😉

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